Enterprise Content Management

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has developed a strategy to address the content chaos that pervades local drives, file shares, email systems and document stores.

This strategy will enable more informed decision making and generate improved access and the ability to find relevant and reliable information for both citizens and employees. The strategy is about making sure content is controlled and protected according to legislation and government policy while ensuring and enhancing usability, information sharing and collaboration

The Role of Enterprise Content Management:

A well-designed Content Ecosystem enables government to gain an understanding of what content exists, it enables government to manage and protect content according to the requirements of legislation and government policy and it enables government to leverage and learn from this valuable resource.

For more information on the Enterprise Content Management initiative and opportunities being led by the OCIO, please click on the published areas:

ECM Architecture –Establishes a multi-layer conceptual model that identifies 6 key areas for transformation and standardization across government. Enterprise Content Management Strategy Enterprise Content Management Appendix Content Metadata Standard - Identifies the metadata elements that are required during different phases of the content’s lifecycle. Content Medadata Model - Identifies metadata and their definitions creating a common language to describe content.