Intellectual Property Program

The Intellectual Property Program is the primary licensing body for all BC Government-owned intellectual property and your connection for:

The Intellectual Property Program’s mandate is to manage the Province’s intellectual property in a manner that:

facilitates equal and fair access to intellectual property owned by the Province;

encourages ministries to make available Province-owned intellectual property to the private sector, particularly where it supports economic development and job creation in British Columbia;

ensures that ownership of intellectual property developed by employees of the provincial government, or by its contractors, is protected; and

provides new non-tax revenue to the government.

The Intellectual Property Program manages the licensing and sale of government-owned intellectual property. This extends from the identification of intangible properties with commercial potential, through the selection of a private sector licensee, through the negotiation of the license agreement, and the administration of the license agreement throughout its term.

The Intellectual Property Program also serves as the point of contact for publishers, universities, libraries and other interested parties who seek permission to reproduce and distribute material in which the Province owns the copyright. 

The Naming Privileges Policy is administered by the Intellectual Property Program.  The Naming Privileges Policy governs the naming of physical assets in recognition of financial or in-kind contributions from individuals, businesses, organizations and others.