Provincial Identity Information Management Program 

B.C. Identity Management Forum

In 2007 the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) established the B.C. Identity Mangement Forum by successfully bringing together representatives from the Provincial Government, broader public sector and industry experts to develop a future-state, claims-based, citizen-centric identity management architecture.

This group developed a set of requirements and a conceptual architecture for identity management which included:

  • a user-centric architecture where identity information passes through the user at the initiation of the user,
  • privacy best practices,
  • a security gradient,
  • authoritative sources of identity claims, and
  • a loose coupling of architecture components to allow the system to scale.

The result was a claims-based approach to identity management involving three key actors:

  • the authoritative party (an authority over a given identity attribute),
  • the relying party (that needs to receive proof of the identity attribute), and
  • the identity agent for the person who is attempting to interact with the relying party.

This architecture appears to solve many of the challenges that plague more traditional identity management models. For example, in this model:

  • Trust is established by providing user control and visibility over what identity information is being used and how it is transferred.
  • Clear accountabilities are established in terms of which authority is standing behind which piece of identity information.
  • Privacy is enhanced by enabling government services to request only the identity information that is needed, and nothing more, from the user. The user then decides whether he wishes to provide the identity information.

The two major deliverables of the Identity Management Forum were:

In addition to these deliverables, the OCIO invited all vendors working on the project to provide their perspective on the project and the architecture. The OCIO received the following appendices to the architecture document:

The OCIO thanks the contributors to the BC Identity Management Forum (PDF 150KB) without whose efforts the deliverables would not have been realized.

For more information or to provide feedback please send an email to the IDIM Program.