The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a senior executive who creates policies and strategies for government's information management and technology and provides the leadership to the Office of the Chief Information Officer. Bette-Jo Hughes is the current CIO for the province of B.C.

In May 2006, Cabinet mandated the CIO with the governance authority for standards setting, oversight and approvals for the province's information and communications technology.

In this capacity, the Office of the Chief Information Officer has been implementing a new model of IM/IT management that includes:

  • Setting the authorities of the CIO and for the Ministry Chief Information Officer’s which are described in detail in the Province's Core Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Ensuring that the corporate management of information and information technology is inclusive of Records Management, Privacy and Security.
  • Chairing the Chief Information Officer Council which is comprised of senior executives from all B.C. government ministries and supports IM/IT management and decision making.
  • Strengthening the IM/IT governance processes of the province through strategic planning and discussion with all ministries on priorities and possibilities to leverage best practices and industry standards.
  • Improving the IM/IT planning processes through the annual Information Resource Management and Treasury Board submission process.
  • Championing major cross government IM/IT initiatives.

For more information please see the role of the CIO and Ministry CIO's.

In addition, the CIO collaborates with other ministries and the broader public sector on key initiatives in support of information sharing for better outcomes including: