Office of the Chief Information Officer

Welcome to the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

As government’s chief IM/IT strategist, the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) plays a leadership role in promoting and guiding the management of government information as a strategic business asset, and supporting technology infrastructure as a key component of business transformation.  The work of the OCIO is focused on:

  • IM/IT Corporate Vision
  • IM/IT Legislation, Policy and Standards
  • Technology Solutions
  • Transformation and Technology

This includes collaborating with ministries, broader public sector organizations, communities and private sector suppliers on cross-government initiatives in support of government's objectives.


June 26, 2014 

For the start of summer, the Information Security Awareness section has a Knowledge Test for users to see if they can identify real examples of things that violate the Clean Desk policy. The Information Security Policy 7.3.3 states that personnel must ensure the safety of sensitive information from unauthorized access, loss or damage by (a) securing the work space and (b) secure work habits. Test your ability to spot the examples and learn more about protecting sensitive information.